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27 Feb, 2015  

Here in the Mt Baker Vapor Wholesale Department, we work with the men and women who are on the frontline of vaping. They assist with cleaning tanks, changing coils, and explaining that 24mg is not the nicotine level you want if you have never been a smoker. They are the ones cleaning their storefront windows because employees and customers are all about blowing those big clouds. We love to lend a hand to these hard working, dedicated vape enthusiasts, and help make their lives easier with affordable prices and superior customer service. We are also happy to answer any and all of their questions as well.

Some common questions that we run across include:


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Mt Baker Vapor Dropped All Prices!

10 Feb, 2015  

The constant trials of a small business: stay competitive, make a profit, and provide a worthwhile service. Well, we would like to think that Mt Baker Vapor Wholesale can assist with reaching all of those goals with ease. In our attempt to help build your business even further in 2015, we have dropped all of our prices. Not just our e-juice prices, but also our e-cigarette hardware prices!


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