New Spring E-Juice Flavors!

Time to be out with the old, and in with the new! It is that time of year when we collectively bring out our mops and buckets to do some annual cleaning. Thankfully our spring cleaning doesn’t involve a mop, but instead delectable flavor crafting. After plenty of time spent in the lab, and company-wide quality testing, we have selected six new flavors to add to our lineup. Read on to learn more about these new flavors and how they will fit in with your shop’s juice inventory.


Constable Coconut’s Cookies E-Juice: This is a flavor you won’t be able to put down once you give it a try. It is delectably light and sweet flavor, with just a hint of coconut, mimicking the refined breed of cookies.


Wacky Taffy E-Juice: This flavor is more fruity than wacky, and it won’t get stuck in your teeth like the taffy.


Coffee Cake E-Juice: This rich, sweet, and full flavored e-juice will pair perfectly with morning coffee and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cheeky Cherry

Cheeky Cherry E-Juice: This flavor is refreshingly sweet and fruity, with just a hint of sass. It features strong notes of cherry, balanced by subtle notes of light citrus.


Guabana Berry E-Juice: We have condensed a tropical paradise into one flavor for your vaping pleasure, featuring a medley of sweet and tart tropical fruits.

Ruyan 4

Ruyan 4 E-Juice: We are happy to introduce you to our new and improved Ruyan 4 recipe. Now including creamy caramel, smooth vanilla, and rich tobacco flavor.

You don’t have to take our word on the fact that these new flavors will soon be staples of your e-juice menu. Reach out to our Wholesale Team to get samples sent your way and see for yourself.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on these new flavors in the comments section below!


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