New E Juice Flavors: Berried Treasure, Cloudy Beaches, Float On, Forestberry Fusion and Huckleberry Ice Cream

We’re happy to announce five new e juice additions to our Mt. Baker Vapor flavor options: Berried Treasure, Cloudy Beaches, Float On, Forestberry Fusion, and Huckleberry Ice Cream! All of these are custom Mt. Baker Vapor mixes you won’t be able to try anywhere else so get them now for your customers’ vaping enjoyment!

Berried Treasure E Juice

new e juiceBountiful berries mingle with the sweet solace of vanilla butternut dessert in this wholesome Berried Treasure E Juice. A flavor you shall treasure!

Cloudy Beaches E Juice

new e juice

An exhilarating mix of berries and decadence, Cloudy Beaches E Juice will transport you to a warm, sandy beach. Don’t be afraid to add some clouds to the clear, sunny skies!

Float On E Juice

new e juice

Float On gives you the classic taste of rootbeer float, imbibed with the craftsmanship of the Pacific Northwest brew culture.

Forestberry Fusion

new e juice

Get in touch with your inner forager with Forestberry Fusion E Juice, a stirring blend of berry tartness and dessert sweetness.

Huckleberry Ice Cream

new e juice

Take your taste buds to the mountaintops with this creamy blend of mountain huckleberries and vanilla ice cream! Huckleberry Ice Cream E Juice is perfect for a reclusive alpine getaway or a high-elevation hike.



4 thoughts on “New E Juice Flavors: Berried Treasure, Cloudy Beaches, Float On, Forestberry Fusion and Huckleberry Ice Cream”

    1. We’re really happy with how the new flavors turned out. If you’re interested in obtaining some please contact us at or you can reach us by phone 7 days a week Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm PST at 1 877 565-VAPE ext. 3

  1. These are great flavours! I know from vape experience 😉 Every time I take a vape of Huckleberry Ice Cream it reminds me of a old school ice cream parlour where the worker gives you a fresh scoop of ice cream and you eat it so fast and it tastes so fresh and amazing, that’s what Huckleberry Ice Cream is for me! And Cloudy Beaches, where do I even begin. I cant even describe the flavours, its just awesome and you gotta try it!! They are all great.

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