Chinese New Year 2016: Stock Up Now!

It is no secret that China is a huge player in the vape industry. The city of Shenzhen in the Guangdong province produces an incredible portion of the vaping hardware we know and love. On the coming Chinese New Year, much of China’s population will be on vacation for 15 days. For vendors using products shipped from China, this may be problematic.

Our advice to you, the vendor, is to stock up your inventories of Chinese products so you are not left in the lurch during the Chinese New Year. This year, the Chinese New Year begins on Monday, February 8th. 

There are an estimated 600 Chinese businesses related to electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories. Most reputable e-cig hardware/accessory manufacturers come from the Shenzhen area. Typically, we experience delays for the entire month of February, on anything being shipped from China.

If you want to keep your electronic cigarette products in stock, please be proactive about buying before February 8th, and know where your products come from!