Mt Baker Vapor Statement Regarding FDA Deeming Regulations

As you may have heard, the FDA Deeming Regulations have been pushed through. This will have a dramatic effect on the vaping industry, and your rights as a vaper. Mt Baker Vapor has released the following statement on these Deeming regulations, with a pragmatic vision for our future:

The statement is as follows:

On May 10th, 2016, the FDA finalized their Deeming Regulations regarding the vaping industry. These regulations have been in formulation for over three years, and deem vaping products as tobacco products in the eyes of one of the nation’s largest regulatory bodies.

To call these regulations heavy-handed would be an understatement. While the FDA says they want to bring vaping products under the same regulatory standards as other tobacco products, these new regulations go far beyond that initial goal. If the regulations are implemented as currently written, the industry as we know it will be decimated. As a company, Mt Baker Vapor is committed to doing everything possible to keep this from happening.

Founded in July of 2015, The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition (R2BSF) is dedicated to challenging all unconstitutional state and federal laws related to the vaping industry. The founding members of the coalition include Cosmic Fog, NicQuid, Vapor Shark, and Mt Baker Vapor. As the fight against these harsh regulations evolve, the coalition will play a key role in organizing and funding industry activities.

We will utilize our positions as leaders in the industry to defend the rights of the entire vaping community. The FDA regulations are being contested, and we are already taking the necessary steps to legally challenge them. We will also be reaching out to members of the community to join the R2BSF coalition to challenge this blatant overreach of governmental power.

As a member of the Mt Baker Vapor family, we ask that you take action NOW to let your representatives know that you stand for reasonable vaping regulations. See the link below to express support of HR 2058, a bill which will change the “grandfather date” for deemed tobacco products. This revision would allow for all vaping products currently being sold to remain on the market without being subject to the FDA’s premarket application process.

Please keep in mind that, while the regulations are now public, Mt Baker Vapor is continuing business as usual. All the e liquid, hardware, and DIY supplies you have come to know and love are still available for purchase and will be available for the foreseeable future.

This fight is just beginning. Mt Baker Vapor is committed to uniting the industry and leading the efforts to provide the right to be smoke free. We need your support and your voice.

Join the fight using the links below!

Contribute to Right To Be Smoke Free Here

Support HR 2058


14 thoughts on “Mt Baker Vapor Statement Regarding FDA Deeming Regulations”

  1. Y don’t somebody like you guys just put your flavors in little soft squeezable containers and say they are for water flavoring,and just sell 15,and30 ml pre made veg,pg,and nic,then what people do with there flavoring when they leave the store is up to them,pop the top and squirt it in,shake it up and you have your fav flavor,

  2. I am sure you all could get someone to mass produce your flavors like that for you,and it won’t cost you as much as if you hade to pay for every nic,and every flavor,you can’t give samples away so we are going to keep tabs on who pays a quarter to sample flavors

    1. This is true. We could have another company make our flavors for us but we do it all in-house which is cheaper than paying someone else.

  3. as a manufacturer… is MBV going through with the registration processes for products due Dec 31st? I am looking to bring different juices into my shop.

  4. Just put the flavors together for food flavoring. If you put nicotine in it, it will have the ingredient a cigarette has. I support your effort. I hope we’ll still be able to buy nicotine, PG and VG to add to it. I read a bill was passed to keep the FDA out of this.

    1. We are fighting to keep selling all of our products. We will definitely be here for everyone! Do you happen to have a link to that article?

  5. “Please keep in mind that, while the regulations are now public, Mt Baker Vapor is continuing business as usual. All the e liquid, hardware, and DIY supplies you have come to know and love are still available for purchase and will be available for the foreseeable future.”

    I take serious issue with this statement. Over the past few months, you no longer offer the flavors I want; you no longer offer anything retail in the size that I want over 30mL. In other words, YOU NO LONGER OFFER PRODUCTS THAT I WANT TO BUY. From my perspective, you have essentially closed up shop.

  6. I feel the same was as Mike E.

    No longer having large bottles for retail pretty much nukes my access to my favourite juice.

  7. First thing was no shipping to Utah…OK ship to a friend in Colorado and pay double shipping…I was good with that…now you can no longer get anything over 30 mil…guess its time to shop around again…bummer I liked your flavors

  8. Was just charged tax on 0% nicotine bottles (just PG/VG + flavoring) for California delivery, is this correct?

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