New Labeling Requirements For Wholesale E Liquid Bottles

Due to requirements set forth by the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Mt Baker Vapor will now include three new warnings on the labels of bottles sold to Wholesale customers. These warnings will be included on all bottles that are larger than 8oz:

    • “This product is not for consumer use and is not made available for consumer use.”
    • “This product is for professional use only.”
    • “This product cannot and must not be used to refill an electronic cigarette.”

These warnings are required by the TPD for any products meant for use by distributors of MBV Wholesale products. These warnings are not a cause for concern – this is a simple wording requirement and there are no changes that will be happening with the MBV Wholesale ordering process. MBV Wholesale customers who are not based in the European Union can ignore the warnings.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new labeling requirements, please reach out via or directly contact your account manager.


5 thoughts on “New Labeling Requirements For Wholesale E Liquid Bottles”

  1. I work at a vape shop, and we carry a lot of your juices. I’m just wondering if you have a complete list of the flavors you’ve discontinued due to the FDA so that I know what to tell customers when it comes to whether or not we’re getting them back in stock?


  2. Why say “not to be used for refilling e-cigs” if THAT is what e-liquid is for? Are they stupid or something?? What else is it going to be used for … lubricating billy kart wheels???


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